Study in Paradise: Dive into Tropical Architecture This Summer!

Are you interested in tropical architecture and want to study it? In this blog post, you will learn where you can study Tropical Architecture and why these learnings might become important to you in the future.

Tropical architecture is a specific style. Usually, when talking about different architectural styles, it is done with a view to the past mainly according to temporal periods, which are distinguished in epoch styles. Nowadays we talk about different architectural trends, which are classified in the context of certain spaces and cultures. This is also the case with tropical architecture, which is a variant of architecture adapted to the subtropical climate in the tropics. The main goal of tropical architecture is to ensure that sustainably constructed buildings fit into the tropical environment and are as appropriate as possible to the tropical climate. If you want to learn more about Tropical Architecture and its history read our blog post about it here.

Why tropical architecture is becoming more and more important?

Climate change is not only affecting our lives now but is likely to intensify in the future. This will increasingly present us with challenges on how to deal with hot weather or build more sustainably. Tropical architecture is already addressing these issues from the ground up, so the insights of tropical architecture could play an important role in the future.

Where can you study tropical architecture?

So it is obvious that if you want to study this style in more detail, you need to look in these tropical regions. Sooner or later you will inevitably stumble upon Bali. The island of Bali is not only considered one of the most popular destinations in the world due to its breathtaking nature and great culture, but is also perfect for studying tropical architecture.

Summer School – Tropical Architecture

With the Summer School “Tropical Architecture” at Institut Desain & Bisnis Bali (IDB) students can experience tropical architecture in Bali with a fascinating blend of traditional and modern architecture, exotic culture, and life in a tropical environment. Picture your summer as a journey into ‘Design Dreams in Paradise,’ where you delve into Tropical Architecture with a harmonious blend of East-Meets-West vibes during the summer school.

The 4-week course is composed of lectures & guest lectures in English, field trips, workshops, design projects, leisure activities and cultural events. Participants work together in a comprehensive course to develop complex assignments on architecture and urban design, planning and building, construction, materials, landscape architecture, interior design, or resort design. Through teamwork and close collaboration with experts, exciting concepts for an “East-West Harmony” are created.

In total, the course is composed of 5 modules:

  • Balinese Architecture & Landscape
  • Bali Resort & Hospitality Design
  • Interior Design & Amenities
  • Natural Materials & Green Design
  • Studio Project

For more information about the modules, check out Study in Bali.

Credit Transferability

The program is designed to inspire and engage participants through a daily immersive mix of lectures, discussions, excursions, workshops, cultural visits, and hands-on activities. Through direct interaction with and interpretation of prominent examples, students will be guided to cultivate their own project ideas. In addition, all credits earned from modules within this program are transferable to the European Credit Transfer System and various other credit systems.

During summer school, you will be accommodated in one of the student villas. This is a great opportunity to get to know the other participants and to do one of the many activities that are offered.

Want more info about the Programm?

Take a look at the flyer or the website of Study in Bali. If you have any open questions, contact Study in Bali via Mail:

Preview the flyer here


Apply for Summer School Tropical Architecture

Enthusiastic individuals can conveniently submit their applications online through the application form available at Stepping into a realm where education surpasses traditional boundaries, every day becomes a rendezvous with creativity, innovation, and cultural richness. Prospective students are invited to join Study in Bali at IDB Bali, where every corner serves as a classroom ready to unfold lessons rooted in the essence of tropical design.

Enrollment for 2024

Classes: 03.08.2024 – 31.08.2024

Registration Deadline: 15.06.2024

You don’t have enough of tropical architecture after your summer school? Then a semester abroad with a focus on tropical architecture, interior and green design might be something for you. Check out our Blog post about it here.
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