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Casa Tropico, Design in touch with nature

The Tropitecture study in Brazil combines modern design with the breathtaking beauty of Brazilian nature. This architectural vision of Tropitecture creates a harmonious connection between human...

A Semester in Paradise: Studying Tropical Architecture, Interior, and Green Design in Bali

Are you interested in tropical architecture and want to study it? In this blog post, you will learn where you can study Tropical Architecture in Bali and why these learnings might become important...

Study in Paradise: Dive into Tropical Architecture This Summer!

Are you interested in tropical architecture and want to study it? In this blog post, you will learn where you can study Tropical Architecture and why these learnings might become important to you in...

The Magic of Relaxation: Discovering Bliss at Svaha Spa Bisma and Svaha Spa Kenderan in Bali

A vacation in Bali, the exotic island of the gods, promises not only breathtaking nature and fascinating culture, but also a true haven of relaxation. An experience that perfectly complements this...

Unveiling Sri Lanka: A Journey through Pristine Landscapes, Wildlife Wonders, and Cultural Charms

Sri Lanka is a tropical island nation located in the Indian Ocean. It is a country of stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. From its pristine beaches to its lush tea...

10 Tropical Getaways to Visit in 2023

Are you looking for a great tropical getaway? With the hustle and bustle of daily life getting more and more hectic, it’s time for a much-needed break. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape...

Top 10 Places and Activities in Bali

The popular vacation island of Bali combines many attractions in a small area. Whether it's beautiful beaches, breathtaking temples, lush rice fields, or even active volcanoes - Bali has something...

Tropical Interior Garden

An tropical interior garden is a living piece of art that you can never find anywhere else. It is a combination of plants and design features to create a unique and perfect interior landscape.

Investing in Bali Property

The fantasy of owning a tropical villa or perhaps a small resort on the island of Bali has been haunting everyone for decades. It always starts with the notion that 'one day I'll move to Bali,'...

How to live Sustainable

How to live sustainable: practices and habits that can help us reduce our ecological footprint and responsibilities.

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The History of Tropical Architecture

The History of Tropical Architecture

Tropical architecture can be traced back to the ancient Mayans, Aztec, and Incas. These civilizations constructed some of the most astonishing architectural feats in the region. The buildings they created were well suited to their environment – giving them a flow and feeling still sought after by modern architects trying to emulate that style in modern buildings.

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